2020 Weekly Tweeterboard

Every week, the PEORIA Project digs through Twitter to determine which candidates are on the minds (and tweets) of Americans heading into the 2020 presidential election. The Board displays the eight most mentioned candidates on Twitter during the week listed. For comparison’s sake, the Real Clear Politics poll average for the Democrats appears in the first column to the right of the candidates’ names. A few candidates with higher poll averages may not be on the Board because they did not have enough Twitter mentions to break into the top eight.

Moving rightward from the poll average, the next column indicates the week-to-week trend for candidate mentions. After that we display the Twitter handle of the most mentioned and liked commenter on a candidate, along with the combined number of retweets and likes that commenter garnered. (Now and then, the top commenter turns out to be the candidate.)

We also report the tone of that most popular comment, and the tone of the comment at the top of the commenter’s thread. Our PEORIA team decides whether the tone is positive or negative; we do not use sentiment analysis.

Along with the TweeterBoard we present screen shots of the top posts and comments, uncensored and unaltered.

The TweeterBoard exists in partial fulfillment of the PEORIA Project mission to study political conversations.  The TweeterBoard is funded through a generous donation from GSPM alumnus William Madway.

12/9 - 12/15 Tweeterboard

NOTE: On September 30 we switched our research time period to a Monday-to-Sunday schedule and our publication date to Tuesdays. For example, the Tweeterboard we publish on October 1 will reflect data from September 23 to 29; the October 8 edition will have data from September 30 until October 6.

Also, in view of the onset of the impeachment inquiry, we have added House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the list of persons eligible for the Board. That is, we will henceforth report on Twitter volume data and top tweets about President Trump, Speaker Pelosi, and all candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination slated to appear at the next scheduled debate. We will provide the names of debate-qualifying candidates who do not make our top ten most tweeted about list.

December 9 - December 15 Tweeterboard Report

December 2 - December 8 Tweeterboard Report