Master's Programs

Master's Degrees

The Graduate School of Political Management offers Master's degrees in: 

Political Management prepares students to succeed in the booming vocation of politics.  You will learn how to win campaigns, advocate effectively on the issues, and formulate sophisticated communication strategies.  Your instructors are top practitioners in the political world who are passionate about educating students in their areas of expertise.  Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to assume decision-making positions as consultants, department heads, chiefs of staff, and even office-holders in the public-facing organizations where democracy lives and history gets made. This program has both on-campus and fully online variants.

Legislative Affairs provides a clear understanding of how Congress operates, how legislative procedures shape outcomes, and how entities like the Executive Branch, lobbyists, and constituents influence the work of the legislature. This prestigious program has helped launch and enhance careers on the Hill, in the advocacy world, and in other fields related to Congress, such as lobbying and government relations. The program is exclusively devoted to the study of applied politics in the legislative arena, offering students the perspective of both political scholars and working professionals.

Strategic Public Relations trains students to master the practical skills, big-picture thinking, and real-world PR approaches needed to succeed in this challenging profession.  You will learn from experts versed in everything from Fortune 500 companies and non-profits to the highest reaches of journalism, government relations, issues and crisis management, and global public relations.  Our DC and international connections not only serve you in the classroom, but also in the most advanced practices of contemporary public relations.  While the program provides students with an understanding of how politics and government impacts business, technology and communications, the program is not solely focused on careers in politics. Students work at PR firms or in communications roles with non-profits and corporations, and some work on Capitol Hill or in the Executive BranchThis program has both on-campus and fully online variants.

Maestría en Comunicación Política y Gobernanza Estratégica (taught in Spanish, online)
Through this degree program taught entirely in Spanish, GSPM provides an opportunity for Latin American government officials, party leaders, campaign staff, candidates, corporate CEOs and NGO leaders to develop a professional approach toward securing elective office and governing, that embraces values essential to democracy and successful careers.

Graduates of this program acquire the skills and tools to:

  • Build political viability into their economic and social change initiatives
  • Communicate more effectively with the various constituencies involved in the issues at stake
  • Transform the public decision-making processes toward more transparent and participative procedures