The Republic of Georgia 2023

Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia: Global Perspective Residency, Spring 2023

  • May 10: Welcome pre-course meeting
  • May 15 – June 10: asynchronous coursework
  • June 11 – 17: immersion program in Tbilisi and the Kakheti region

Application deadline: No longer accepting applications.

The four-week asynchronous course will examine democratic developments and prospects of Georgia as an important country between the West and the East and a strategic partner of the U.S. in the Caucasus. It will also discuss Georgia's position at the axis of the ongoing conflicts involving Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey; the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war; and Georgia's aspirations for Euro-Atlantic integration, including joining NATO and the European Union. As the object of rivalry between powerful neighboring empires during the country’s 3000-year history, Georgia is also exciting from historical and cultural perspectives.

Following the course, students will travel to Georgia to experience first-hand the Georgian culture of hospitality and generosity and meet with top politicians, business people, public affairs experts, journalists and representatives of Georgia's vibrant civil society. The program will be developed in cooperation with the GSPM's partner, NGO Sector 3 - Hub for Development and Tbilisi universities. Besides graduate students, we are now accepting undergraduate students into the residencies who meet several criteria.

Program Brochure

For more info contact Jessilyn Larsen by email at [email protected] or call (202) 994-0684.