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A political Podcast from GW

Is there any common ground left in our hyper-politicized world?


Mastering the Room is a bite-sized podcast from GW’s Graduate School of Political Management, hosted by political analyst and professor Casey Burgat. In less time than the average morning commute, you’ll get smarter on today’s issues with information and perspectives you won’t get anywhere else.

True to the university's mission to spark intellectual friction, the podcast challenges guests to go beyond the Sunday show talking points and offer a deeper understanding of polarizing topics, discussing points of view that few have heard before.

Whether you agree with them or not, you’ll see unique arguments from surprising new angles. Packed with influencers, experts, and familiar names in DC and beyond, Mastering the Room is a podcast with access, connections, and proximity to power.

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Mastering the Room host, Casey Burgat, is the Director of the Legislative Affairs program at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. Prior to joining GSPM, Dr. Burgat was a Senior Governance Fellow at the R Street Institute where his research focused on issues of Congressional capacity and reform. Mr. Burgat is known for his regular contributions to scholarly and journalistic publications, including CNN, the Washington Post, and Politico, and has appeared on a variety of television and radio outlets. Dr. Burgat co-authored Congress Explained: Representation and Lawmaking in the First Branch, a textbook on all things Congress, published by the Sage/CQ Press in the fall of 2022.




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