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The Graduate School of Political Management is a regular destination for senior leaders and influencers in politics, communications, and advocacy. We regularly host these speakers on our campus, just steps from the White House.

If you would like to learn more about GSPM, visit us at one of the many political conferences, graduate fairs, or professional development seminars we attend throughout the year.


Past Speakers and Event Highlights

Virtual Open Houses

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May 2022 GSPM Virtual Information Session


Agree or Disagree Conversations Across the Aisle Predicting the 2022 Midterm Elections


2022 O'Dwyer Endowed Event


America's Image in the Disinformation Age


Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle: The Line Between Campaigning and Governing


Democracy Reset: How Far is Too Far?


2021 Society of Presidential Pollsters Endowed Lecture


Building a Successful Career on Capitol Hill


GSPM Summer Series: Tech and Politics


GSPM Summer Series: US-EU-UK Relations Post-Brexit


GSPM Summer Series: Diplomacy and Leadership in a Democracy


GSPM Summer Series: Diverse and Inclusive Careers in Politics, Advocacy, and Communications


Shades of Red: Building a Modern Inclusive Republican Party


Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle: From the Campaign Trail to Congress


The Future of Media: Moving Beyond Bias and Partisanship


Empowering Diverse Voices at the Table: The Ethics of Intentional Inclusion


Energy Policy and Climate Change


Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle: Reviewing and Reforming the Judiciary


The New Influentials of the GOP: Gen Y and Gen Z


Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle: Breaking the Gridlock on Capitol Hill


The New Influentials of the GOP A Conversation with Alyssa Farah


Agree or Disagree 2021 Part 1


2019 Manatt Fahrenkopf Lecture Poster



VLI Awards


In Hindsight


O'Dwyer Lecture


More Than a Vote


Gender and Lobbying