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Lara Brown

Lara Brown

Director, Graduate School of Political Management

"We provide the skills and strategies to help students get 'in the room where it happens' and know how to make a difference once you're inside."

GSPM Highlights


Professionals on the Front Lines

As the first and foremost school of applied politics, communications, and advocacy, we teach our students the skills and strategies one needs to make an impact. Learn more about where and how our alums are using their studies to change the world. 


See How We Study Social Media in Politics

Our PEORIA Project seeks to quantify how political messages are made and how they echo through the social media universe. The ECHO, a weekly Twitter tip sheet, shows which people and issues are moving the needle on social media. 


Learn from the Best

From the right or the left, our faculty have reached the highest levels of politics and communications and take what they've learned on the job into the classroom.