Career Services

The Graduate School of Political Management's academic programs empower you with the knowledge needed to take on today's important global issues and the inspiration to make a difference in the world. The GSPM Office of Career Development can help you realize your aspirations by connecting you to meaningful career opportunities.

We encourage you to start developing your career plan from the outset of your graduate education, followed by consistent contact with our career director and participation in our programs.

GSPM graduates have proven remarkably successful in finding employment. The majority of students are employed professionally in political  and communications jobs upon graduation while some move on to law or Ph.D. programs immediately after completing their master's degree.

Many GSPM students pursue careers with explicitly political organizations, working for party organizations and consulting firms associated with the major parties. Often, they start by working directly for candidates, managing campaigns, and conducting the research and analysis that leads to the development of strategy and campaign advertisements. For other students, party politics take a backseat to causes and issues politics; they go to work instead for environmental organizations, civil rights groups, for organizations that advance social and economic agendas across the ideological spectrum. A significant portion of our students work in Capitol Hill offices, while others find careers in the political departments of private organizations: labor unions, corporations, and trade associations. GSPM alumni are also working for party and government leaders in other countries, and, in recent years, the School has attracted a growing interest from students who plan to seek elective office.

GSPM provides a number of tools, resources, and opportunities to help students and alumni build successful careers. The Office of Career Development is led by Career Development Director, Mag Gottlieb.