Short-Term Study Abroad

Short-Term Study Abroad


Short-Term Study Abroad


The Graduate School of Political Management’s Global Residencies Program offers short-term study abroad courses that will take you to the cities on the front lines of global decision-making, with direct exposure to senior leaders in politics, advocacy, and business.

The courses will show you how to navigate the corridors of power in the most important regions of the globe. Each course includes:

  • One month of coursework through Blackboard
  • One week abroad

Through private, small group sessions, you will learn how to navigate through a country’s political system and communicate with society directly from politicians and senior government officials, political strategists, elite reporters, PR specialists, business leaders, non-profit organizations, research foundations, and lobbyists.

Residency Locations and Timing

We have residency courses on five continents around the world. Offerings vary by semester and year. 


Fall 2018




Spring 2019




Summer 2019

South Africa

Political Engagement in South Africa

Learn what it takes to make an impact in African politics.

Washington, DC

Advocating in Washington, DC

Navigate the halls of power in Washington, DC.


Fall 2019 


Political Engagement in Spain

Meet with leaders and advocates in Madrid and Barcelona.


Political Engagement in the United Kingdom

Engage with officials in the United States’ closest ally.


What You'll Learn

In each course you will learn how to:

  • Understand how to effectively advocate and communicate to decision-makers and national audiences
  • Gain an insider’s perspective of how companies, non-profits, institutions, or enterprises can advance their mission in the region
  • Make important contacts and network with some of the leading experts in global advocacy, public relations, and politics

These residency courses are an optional elective for the Political Management, Legislative Affairs, or Strategic Public Relations programs.

"It was amazing. It was a whirlwind. It felt like we accomplished a month's work of activities in a week. We did get to meet with the minister of finance on the Brazil trip which was a huge accomplishment ."

Caitlin Christian

GSPM Class of 2015

Course Requirements


Costs and Financial Aid