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Global Perspective Residencies


Toronto Mayor John Tory


The Global Perspective Residencies Program aims to empower and prepare students for success and leadership in engagement in foreign environments and with international counterparts. The residencies bring you face to face with senior leaders in politics, advocacy, and business. The program will help you learn how to navigate the corridors of power in the most important regions of the globe.

To provide an insider's perspective on the countries' systems of politics, communications, and advocacy, each residency includes:

  • Four-week online coursework
  • One-week onsite program



South Africa Mandela Group


By joining a residency you will:

  • Immerse yourself in the country's history and culture.
  • Experience first-hand national political institutions and interest groups as well as the country's challenges and opportunities in relation to the global world.
  • Meet with senior government officials, political strategists, busines leaders, respected journalists, PR specialists, non-profit organizations, and lobbyists.
  • Enhance your professional skills and advance your lifelong professional network connections.

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) is the primary sponsor of our Global Perspective Residency courses. DMGS generously funds the overseas expenses and program fees for students participating in Global Perspective Residencies.

Global Perspective Residencies are an optional elective for the GSPM Political Management, Legislative Affairs, and Strategic Public Relations programs.


Upcoming Residencies

We have residency courses on five continents around the world. Offerings vary by semester and year. 

Fall 2019 


"I have benefitted tremendously from my trips to Belgium, Brazil, Canada and China, and cherish the indelible memories I have accumulated along the way. As a consequence of my experiences related to the program, having completed my graduate degree, I have endeavored to continue my education for the sole purpose of learning a foreign language. Furthermore, it has encouraged me to increase my personal travel abroad with the aim of viewing the human condition through a multicultural lens."

Ray Diggs

GSPM Class of 2019

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