Global Perspective Residencies

Students in GSPM's Turkey course visit Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
Students in GSPM's Turkey course visit Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

"I'm a veteran and have been all over the world, but my week in Istanbul [with GSPM] was the single greatest international experience I've ever had." 

-Andrew Lewis, Legislative Affairs Class of 2013

The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) offers several short-term study abroad courses (one per semester) for graduate students. 

These courses, called Global Perspective Residencies (GPRs), comprise one month of Blackboard-based coursework, followed by a one- or two-week residency in the location indicated by the course. Please see our brochure here.

Students who are accepted to GSPM's GPRs* gain insights into effectively advocating in and communicating with society, decision makers, and governments around the world.

*Please Note:

  • Admitted students will have five (5) business days to submit a $500 deposit (nonrefundable)  and confirm their spot in the course by selecting "Commit" in their GW Passport applications. After that time, GPR staff will notify people from the waitlist if they have been selected.
  • Passports, and sometimes visas, are required for international travel.  Students must provide passport information to GSPM staff no later than five days post-acceptance to the course. Students will be advised on visa requirements.
  • GSPM secures discounted group rates and bills students' GW Student Accounts for nearly all elements of the residency. Exclusions include the following: Transport to/from the airports at the start and end of the residency, airfare to and from the residency country, and a few lunches and dinners on students' own.
  • GSPM's Global Perspective Residencies: Where's My Money Going?
  • GSPM's Global Perspective Residencies: Logistics behind Group Purchasing

Summer 2017 Washington Residency
(3 credits) 
June 7 -
July 7, 2017
July 9 - 14, 2017 No application; students may enroll themselves through GWeb (CRN 21992) See the Registrar's website $475, not including tuition*
Summer 2017 GPR: South Africa(Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg) (3 credits) July 1-
August 1, 2017
August 5-12, 2017 GW Passport April 7, 2017 $1,575, not including tuition*

Fall 2017

Washington Residency
(3 credits) 
TBD TBD No application; students may enroll themselves through GWeb TBD $475, not including tuition*
Fall 2017

GPR: Brussels (3 credits)

November 1 - Decmber 1, 2017 December 2-9, 2017 GW Passport (link coming) June 16, 2017 $1,575, not including tuition*

*Current tuition per credit is $1,655. This is effective through the spring 2018 semester. GPR Group expenses are typicaly $1,575, not including tuition*

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About the Washington Residency, please email Professor Gary Nordlinger or Professor Matt Dallek.
For all others, please email Kay Martinez.


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