Career Development Plan

Rigorous academic study and professional experiences are necessary components in the development of successful careers in the legislative, political management and strategic public relations fields.  To ensure sufficient professional experience prior to graduation, students must develop a Career/Professional Development Action Plan (CPDAP) with GSPM’s Director of Career Services in their first year of study

You will be required to have:

  1. An approved resume/cover letter draft
  2. Attend at least one networking event each year
  3. Prepare/deliver a 30 second elevator speech
  4. Have a LinkedIn profile and join  the GSPM and GWU LinkedIn Groups
  5. You will have the option of having a GSPM Alumni Mentor assigned to you at the completion the program.

In the attached documents you will find key steps of the plan:

Step One:  Self-Assessment

Step: Two: Skills-Assessment 

Step Three:  Marketing Plan

Step Four:  Career Development Plan Sign Off 

Any questions may be directed to GSPM's Director of Career Services, Margaret Gottlieb,