Strategic Public Relations Degree Requirements

The Strategic Public Relations program follows an innovative approach to building professional credentials that will position you to excel in this challenging profession. You’ll master core public relations skills and the practical application of strategic thinking. The program is flexible with only six required courses and four electives, including the option to participate in GSPM’s unique Global Perspective Residency programs.
▪ Ten courses (30 credit hours)
▪ Offered in person at GW’s Alexandria campus, blocks from 
the King Street Metro, or fully online (online coursework may vary)
▪ Designed for working professionals, classes conveniently meet Monday through Thursday evenings 
Successful public relations professionals wear many hats, from marketing and public affairs to traditional internal and external communications and advocacy.

All courses 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

Required Core Courses (6 courses, 18 credit hours)

PSPR 6201 Public Relations Principles & Practices
PSPR 6202 Advanced Writing for Communications Professionals (waiver available for select students)
PSPR 6203 Research Methods for Public Relations & Public Affairs
PSPR 6204 Media Relations in the New Media World
PSPR 6205 The Business & Budgeting of Public Relations
PSPR 6206 Ethical Standards in Public Relations & Public Affairs 
PSPR 6300 Public Relations & Public Affairs Capstone Research Project

A Selected List of Elective Courses (4 courses, 12 credits)

PSPR 6207 Sustainability Communications
PSPR 6208 Strategic Marketing & Marketing Communications

PSPR 6210 Special Topics in Public Relations
PSPR 6221 Consumer Behavior
PSPR 6222 Multicultural Marketing

PSPR 6223 Public Opinion, Political Socialization and Public Relations
PMGT 6410 Grassroots
PMGT 6412 Issues Management
PMGT 6414 Lobbying

PMGT 6456 Speechcraft
PMGT 6458 Crisis Management
PMGT 6460 Audience Research
PMGT 6476 Political Consulting

Other graduate-level courses may be taken as electives, with Program Director approval. Course availability may vary by semester.