Randall Salm

Over the last 30 years, Randall Salm has worked in a variety of fields including higher education, social science research, conflict resolution, peacebuilding and exploitive child labor. Since 1990 he has taught over 100 courses in sociology and conflict resolution, and written on conflict resolution, peace education, child labor and ethnic conflict in Syria. From 1995 to 2002 he led conflict resolution and human rights training in Colombia. Since 2002 he has led juvenile justice training with Fairfax County; supervised USDOL exploitative child labor cooperative agreements; and supported numerous social research projects. Randall supported World Vision and UNICEF peace education work, including a conflict analysis of the education sector in Rakhine State, Myanmar in 2014. In 2015-6 he led a research unit for the NGO Forum in Antakya, Turkey, conducting primary research on the Syrian affected population, leading to six reports addressing displacement, protection, and humanitarian access. In 2017 he facilitated community dialogues for Everyday Democracy on policing and racial equity. Randall has masters’ degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and inBusiness Administration and a Ph.D. in Sociology, with a specialization in globalization and study of ethnic identity in Syria.