Political Expert Casey Burgat Launches New, Provocative Podcast With an Exceptionally Renowned Guest List

George Washington University to Produce Episodes that Spark Intellectual Friction

January 11, 2024

(WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 11, 2024) – As the nation’s focus narrows in on the upcoming presidential election and in tandem with the Iowa Caucus on January 15, regarded political analyst and George Washington University professor Casey Burgat launches political podcast, Mastering the Room. The riveting 20 to 30-minute-per-episode program welcomes the most powerful and influential names in politics throughout DC and beyond into its studio to discuss oftentimes polarizing topics and relegate in perspectives that are rarely recorded and shared.

“Mastering the Room” podcast and its premiere episode features CBS Congressional Correspondent, Scott Macfarlane and Politico Breaking News and White House Reporter, Myrah Ward who together count down their top 10 memorable moments in politics from 2023.

“The conversation I had with Scott and Myrah is exactly what can be expected in all “Mastering the Room” episodes; it is honest, compelling, raw and eye-opening for listeners who are both experts in politics and those that know the bare minimum,” says host Burgat. “We took a deep dive into all of the chaos that we’ve witnessed and taken part of over the last year that set the tone for transparency and candor – enough of it to require a two-part launch series.”

“Mastering the Room” is set to record a full 16-episode series in 2024. It is published by Burgat’s alma mater and workplace, George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management, whose mission is to teach applied political skills to the next generation of policy, advocacy, and communications professionals.

“George Washington University remains committed to honesty and integrity as a standard of excellence and common practice. The Graduate School of Political Management holds those standards quite high and Casey’s voice echoes that well, which is why we are thrilled to produce ‘Mastering the Room’” said Liesl Riddle, dean of the George Washington University's College of Professional Studies (CPS). “The conversations he’s encouraging and actually having are a true testament to the university’s tenants and values.”

Whether you agree with them or not, you will hear topical and thought-provoking arguments from surprising and often unexpected perspectives that want to hear your thoughts in return. Needless to say, there are hundreds of political podcasts, but only “Mastering the Room” explores current topical and trending issues with honesty and integrity of GW.


Mastering the Room is a brilliant, thoughtful and meaningful podcast produced by George Washington University, hosted by political analyst and professor Casey Burgat. True to the university’s mission to spark intellectual friction, the podcast challenges guests to go beyond the Sunday show talking points and offer a deeper understanding of polarizing topics, often discussing perspectives that few have heard before. Whether you agree with them or not, you will hear unique arguments from surprising new angles. Packed with influencers, experts, and familiar names in DC and beyond, Mastering the Room is a podcast with access, connections, and proximity to power.


Mastering the Room host, Casey Burgat, is the Director of the Legislative Affairs program at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. Prior to joining GSPM, Dr. Burgat was a Senior Governance Fellow at the R Street Institute where his research focused on issues of Congressional capacity and reform. Mr. Burgat is known for his regular contributions to scholarly and journalistic publications, including CNN, the Washington Post, and Politico, and has appeared on a variety of television and radio outlets. Dr. Burgat co-authored Congress Explained: Representation and Lawmaking in the First Branch, a textbook on all things Congress, published by the Sage/CQ Press in the fall of 2022.


Scott MacFarlane is a congressional correspondent for CBS News, reporting for all broadcasts and platforms. MacFarlane brings a wealth of experience to the Capitol Hill beat having covered Washington, D.C. and the federal government for nearly 20 years. MacFarlane's meticulous and ongoing coverage of the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has included interviews with several defendants and members of the House committee investigating the attack.

MacFarlane and his reporting have also contributed to the public release of some of the video exhibits used by federal prosecutors in court. MacFarlane has also produced documentaries on the history of two New York radio stations, WJPZ-FM and WAER-FM. He belongs to the WJPZ and WAER radio Halls of Fame. He previously served on the Board of Advisors of Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. MacFarlane is a summa cum laude graduate of Syracuse University.


Myah Ward is a White House reporter for POLITICO. She previously worked as a breaking news reporter, a senior digital producer and an editorial intern at POLITICO. Before joining the newsroom, Myah interned for the Charlotte Observer, Bloomberg and freelanced for the New York Times. Myah grew up outside of Charlotte, N.C. She studied journalism and political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.