Legislative Affairs Course Listings

The Graduate School of Political Management offers a variety of courses covering politics, communications, and advocacy. Students should consult the GW Registrar to determine what courses are available in a given semester.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These course listings and syllabi should be used for guidance. Only order books or complete assignments based on syllabi that your professor posts on Blackboard.

6201 Politics and Public Policy

Examination of political processes that influence policy formulation, policy implementation, and the uses of policy analysis. Syllabus

6202 Legislative Politics

Theory, structure, and process of the U.S. Congress, with emphasis on member-constituency relations, individual and collective decision making, party and committee activities, executive-legislative relations, and interest-group activities.

6203 Executive-Legislative Relations

Political and institutional relationships between executive and legislative branches of the federal government. Syllabus

6204 Research Methods

Alternative approaches to political analysis, construction of research designs, and problems of measurement. Syllabus

6212 Congressional Committees

Overview of the history, function, and influence of Senate and House committees in the U.S. Congress.

6217 Budgetary Politics

Examines major economics, budget, and tax issues in American politics.

6219 The American Presidency

Personalized and institutionalized aspects of the presidency, with emphasis on the politics of contemporary policymaking. Syllabus

6222 American Political Parties and Elections

Nature and function of American political parties; organizational status, nominating and electoral politics, and role in governing. Syllabus

6223 Public Opinion and Political Socialization

Sources and dynamics of public opinion and political socialization.

6224 Interest Group Politics

Theory, structure, and activities of interest groups in American politics. Syllabus

6228 Media and Politics

Role of the media in American politics, with emphasis on television news coverage, political debates, political advertising, and their impact on the electorate.

6231 Lobbying

How lobbying and organized advocacy fit into the American political process. Development and implementation of advocacy strategies. Lobbying by business, labor, public interest groups, and other nonprofit organizations. Lobbying within and among various branches of government.

6234 PACs and Congress

Selected problems of PAC management and their interaction with Members of Congress. Special emphasis on the laws governing PAC participation in political and policy debates. Syllabus

6235 Ethics and Congress

The role of ethics in the U.S. Congress.

6240 Special Topics in American Politics

Congress and Trade Policy Syllabus
Running and Representing: A Member's Perspective Syllabus
Legislative Writing and Research Syllabus
Advanced Legislative Procedure Syllabus
Congressional Committees Syllabus
Ethics in Congress Syllabus
Legislative Drafting
Politics of Non-Profits
Congress and National Intelligence Policy Syllabus
Congress and Security Policy Syllabus
Religion and Politics Syllabus
Managing a Congressional Office Syllabus
Race and Ethnicity in American Politics Syllabus

Congress and the Courts Syllabus

6241 Legislative Writing and Research

Using specialized databases and policy journals and communicating research findings to a sophisticated, policy-driven audience.

6242 Legislative Drafting

Introduction for non-lawyers to the process of legislative drafting in the U.S. Congress.

6243 Advanced Legislative Procedure

Detailed study of the rules, procedures, traditions, and constitutional underpinnings that govern the work of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 

6244 Running and Serving in the U.S. Congress

Running for and serving in Congress from a member's perspective. 

6246 Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy

The role of Congress in setting foreign policy. Syllabus

6249 National Security Policy

The role of Congress in setting defense policy.

6251 Budgetary Policy

Analysis of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy.

6260 Special Topics in Domestic Policy

Recent special topics have included:
Budgetary Politics Syllabus
U.S. Health Care Policy
Congress and Telecom Policy

6270 Special Topics in Foreign Policy

Recent special topics have included:
Congress and Defense Policy Syllabus
Domestic Energy Policy Syllabus
Congress and Homeland Security Policy Syllabus  

Congress and Cybersecurity Syllabus

6290 Readings in Legislative Affairs

6299 Thesis Research I

6300 Thesis Research II