Julius W. Hobson, Jr.

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Julius W. Hobson, Jr.

Adjunct Professor

Julius W. Hobson, Jr. has over 47 years of experience dealing with the Congress and Federal departments and agencies. As Senior Policy Advisor at Polsinelli, he advises and lobbies on a number of issues including health care, appropriations and budget, education, financial services, urban affairs, and taxes. Mr. Hobson previously served over 13 years as lobbyist and Director of Congressional Affairs, American Medical Association.

Prior to joining the AMA, Mr. Hobson served on the staff of Senator Charles Robb [D-VA] where he was responsible for appropriations, budget, taxes, and financial services issues. He previously served as Congressional and Executive Branch liaison for the District of Columbia Government, Executive Office of the Mayor. Mr. Hobson was Chief of Staff to a Member of Congress and Staff Director of a House Subcommittee. He also handled Congressional and Federal Affairs for Howard University. Mr. Hobson served a four-year term as an elected member of the D.C. Board of Education.

Currently, Mr. Hobson is Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University, where, since 1994, he has taught Lobbying.  He also teaches Legislative Writing and Research.  Mr. Hobson has taught Advanced Strategy Lobbying, Fundamentals of Political Management, Electoral and Legislative Processes. Mr. Hobson is a member of the D.C. Hospital Association Board of Directors.

A Washington, D.C. native, Mr. Hobson is a graduate of Howard University (B.A., History) and the George Washington University (M.A., Legislative Affairs).

Legislative Writing and Research


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M.A., The George Washington University, The Graduate School of Political Management
B.A., Howard University