Executive Education

Executive Education

Through its Global Center for Political Engagement (GCPE),  GW’s Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) offers a broad array of professional educational courses designed to enhance the skills and success of the working professional who can devote two, three or five days to intensive learning. Courses taught by regular members of the GSPM faculty utilize and impart the latest tools and tactics in the fields of applied politics, communications, advocacy, or governance.

Our open enrollment seminars are periodically available throughout the year for qualified applicants on a first-come, first serve basis. Custom designed seminars can be constructed in these topical areas around the specialized needs of corporations and organizations. 

Sample open enrollment seminars

Open enrollment seminars utilize GSPM's existing world-class programs. Some sample seminar topics include:

  • Global Perspective Residency courses in locations around the globe
  • Campaign seminar, a one or two week program outlining the latest campaign tools and techniques
  • Governance seminar, a DC based program teaching the best practices in applied politics 

Custom seminars

Through extensive consultations, GSPM will work with your organization to tailor the design, delivery, and logistics to the specific needs and goals of your program. Some sample seminar topics include: 

  • Campaign seminar, a one or two week program outlining the latest tools and techniques in political and grassroots campaigns
  • Governance seminar, a one week program outlining best practices in political management

More information about our offerings is available through the Global Center for Political Engagement. To discuss any executive education program, please contact Professor Christopher Arterton at 202-994-5843 or 202-486-8588.