2018 John Breaux Symposium: An Anatomy of Fake News

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The 2018 Breaux Symposium—An Anatomy of ‘Fake News’—was sponsored by the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at the Louisiana State University Manship School of Mass Communication and the Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at George Washington University. The event brought together scholars and news experts in the nation’s capital to discuss the pervasive problem of fake news, by focusing on 1) the historical antecedents, 2) anti-establishment populism, 3) the role of political parties and mediating institutions, 4) technological enablement and amelioration, and 5) solutions to these pressing issues. The annual Breaux Symposium was established in 2000 as a core program of the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs, which is part of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication. The goal of the Breaux Symposium is to push the boundaries of debate around an aspect of media, politics, and public policy.

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