Spanish Language Programs

Master’s Degree

Political Communication and Governance (taught in Spanish, online)
Through this degree program taught entirely in Spanish, GSPM provides an opportunity for Latin American government officials, party leaders, campaign staff, candidates, corporate CEOs and NGO leaders to develop a professional approach toward securing elective office and governing, that embraces values essential to democracy and successful careers.

Graduates of this program acquire the skills and tools to:

  • Build political viability into their economic and social change initiatives
  • Communicate more effectively with the various constituencies involved in the issues at stake
  • Transform the public decision-making processes toward more transparent and participative procedures

Graduate Certificates

Strategic Governance and Political Management (taught in Spanish, online)
This six-course (18-credit-hour) online program is targeted to political leaders and advisors in Latin America. The curriculum trains students in political management, leadership, strategy, confrontation analysis and democratic governance.

Strategic Communications and Campaigns (taught in Spanish, online)
This six-course (18-credit-hour) online program trains students in communications and election campaign management. Coursework completed in both certificate programs can be applied to the master’s degree in Political Communication and Governance.

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