Legislative Affairs

To succeed on "The Hill", professionals working in the legislative arena need a clear understanding of how Congress operates, how legislative procedures shape outcomes, and how entities like the Executive Branch, lobbyists and constituents influence the work of the legislature.

For more than 30 years, the Legislative Affairs master's program has helped launch and enhance careers on the Hill, in the advocacy world and in other fields related to Congress, such as lobbying and government relations. The program, with classes appropriately meeting in the evening on Capitol Hill in the Hall of the States, is the only master's degree exclusively devoted to the study of applied politics in the legislative arena, offering students the perspective of both political scholars and working professionals. That mix of academic rigor and applied skills give our students an education that sets them up for successful careers in any legislative arena. 

  • 11-course (33-credit-hour) program
  • Designed for working professionals, classes conveniently meet Monday through Thursday evenings on Capitol Hill in the Hall of the States building
  • The degree can be completed in as little as one year; however the usual student takes two courses a semester, and finishes in two years

The curriculum covers the political process and policy analysis in variety of areas including:

  • Political leaders and parties
  • Congressional committees
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Interest groups
  • Public opinion
  • Media and public affairs
  • National security and foreign affairs
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Presidential relations


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