Centers & Institutes

Learning can take place both inside and outside the classroom. Our Centers and Institutes highlight the expertise of our faculty in key areas of research and scholarship. They host important speakers, conferences, and industry practitioners providing students with opportunities to meet and learn from leaders in these field

  • The Center for Second Service is a GSPM initiative that trains veterans to continue their commitment to public service in the world of politics.  The Center builds on the success of GW’s partnership with the nonprofit, Veterans Campaign, and has seen several of its alumni successfully campaign for elected office. With an enhanced offering of training and education opportunities, the Center for Second Service is the premiere destination for veterans looking for a new opportunity to serve.

  • The Global Center for Political Engagement is focused on helping democracies to mature and teaching organizations to understand how to effectively engage in Washington, D.C., and in global capitals beyond, such as Brussels, Beijing and Brasilia.

  • The Global Media Insitute explores the evolving roles and responsibilities of the media in our society and the transformation of journalism in the 21st century.  The institute is also the administrative home to the POLITICO-George Washington University Battleground Poll.

Research Projects

GSPM Is the leading school for research on questions surrounding applied politics, legislative advocacy and strategic public affairs.  The school both conducts research on its own and teams with strategic partners who have expertise and an exceptional reputation in the research subject area.  Below is a summary just a few of the research projects undertaken.

  • The Congressional Communications Report is landmark research on communication methods and preferences of congressional offices, their staff and those working to influence them.  Released in 2012, a record number of congressional staff participated in this research that is the largest response from Capitol Hill staff to date.   GSPM partnered with The Original U.S. Congress Handbook and market research firm ORI on this original research project.
  • The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act – Five Years Later discerns the impact the Honest Leadership and Open Goverment Act has had on lobbying before the U.S. Congress.  This research was done in partnership between the GSPM, Lobbyists.INFO, and ORI.
  • The Small Business Political Sentiment Survey:  Methodology and Analysis was produced in partnership with, an enterprise with over two hundred thousand small business clients.  This report probed the attitudes of over 6,000 small business owners nationwide on the 2012 Presidential Election.  GSPM and had earlier partnered on seeking small business owners attitudes on who Republican nominee Mitt Romney should select as his vice-presidential running mate.  
  • The 2012 Factors of Influence Report created a model for determining the effectiveness of lobbying firms was the focus of a GSPM partnership with Association TRENDS.  The factors ranked the top ten lobbying firms in the nation’s capitol. 
  • All members of the GSPM community are invited to participate in the GSPM Full Spectrum Survey which asks ‘Washington Influentials’ to comment on current political issues unfolding in Washington and around the world.  These results are released to the Washington news media.

Faculty invite graduate students to participate in interesting research projects and initiatives to better understand the dynamics of politics, the world of lobbying, and improving communications in all sectors.  For more information, please contact Dr. David K. Rehr at  If you interested in gaining additional expertise in your field of interest, become part of a dynamic school and its influential research program.