Political Management

Political Management
GW's Master's in Political Management

The Master's in Political Management program offers innovative experiential learning opportunities for professionals involved in all aspects of politics and public policy, from lobbying and advocacy to international politics, campaigns and public relations. 

The program provides a hands-on education - not simply a theoretical exploration of politics - and is comprised of three topical clustersapplied proficiencies for those planning to work in fundraising, communications or polling; electoral politics for those interested in running for office or managing campaigns; and advocacy politics for those focused on grassroots campaigns, lobbying and nonprofit operations. The school employs a talented cadre of full-time professors and part-time adjunct faculty who bring the best practices of the field into the classroom, exposing students to the most current techniques, as well as the full range of political views and beliefs.

This dynamic graduate program prepares students through a mix of academic rigor and applied skills to succeed in the growing profession of politics - whether working on the local, national or international level.

  • 12 courses (36-credit-hour) program
  • Designed for working professionals, classes conveniently meet Monday through Thursday evenings on GW's bustling urban campus in Washington's Foggy Bottom neighborhood
  • The program is also offered in a fully online format
  • The degree can be completed in as little as one year; however the usual student takes two courses a semester, and finishes in two years

Topical Clusters

The program is designed to help students meet specific career goals. Students may choose to focus their coursework in one of the following areas, or work with the program director to select courses from several areas to meet individual aspirations.

Applied Proficiencies: If you are interested in becoming a pollster, communications consultant, or fundraiser, the Applied Proficiencies cluster will provide the flexibility to customize and hone important skills in a specific area. And, with the permission of the program director, students may design a three-course sequence that includes courses from each concentration.

Advocacy Politics: If you want to pursue a career in lobbying, grassroots organizing, public affairs, or non-profit operations, the Advocacy Politics cluster will teaches the skills needed to immediately start shaping policy outcomes.

Electoral Politics: If you interested in running for political office or planning to manage political campaigns, the Electoral Politics cluster offers a solid foundation for success at the local, national or international level.

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