Short-Term Course Offerings, Costs, and Eligibility

Our short-term study abroad Global Perspective Residences are offered in a variety of locations around the globe. Due to the international nature of these courses, the costs associated with them will vary by time and location.


Advocating in Germany

Meet with leaders and advocates in the economic engine of Europe.



Advocating in Brussels

Find out how to navigate the halls of the European Union.


Advocating in London

Engage with officials in the United States’ closest ally.


Advocating in Brazil

See how politics works in South America’s largest nation.

South Africa

Advocating in South Africa

Learn what it takes to make an impact in African politics.



Advocating in Instanbul

Meet with business and political leaders in the gateway to the Middle East.

East Asian Capitals

Advocating in the East Asian Capitals

Join us on a tour of three of the most powerful nations in Asia.


Washington, DC

Advocating in Washington, DC

Navigate the halls of power in Washington, DC.

Registration Process

Registration to GSPM's Global Perspective Residencies is handled through GWeb, similar to other GW course registration.


We understand that financing your education can be stressful and challenging.

With this in mind, we want to provide for you a clear picture of where your money paid to GSPM’s Global Perspective Residencies is going – and why.

Think of your payments to GSPM’s Global Perspective Residencies as existing in two buckets: tuition and global perspective residencies group expenses.


Each course will be billed tuition that will correspond to the number of credits in the course. The tuition is a figure set annually by GW and, depending on which GSPM program you’re in, will be similar to or the same as what you would pay for a D.C.-based course. Tuition does not go toward any travel expenses. This is the bare-bones cost to simply offer a course, as decided by GW.

GPR Group Expenses

This charge covers arrangements made by GSPM on behalf of the student. What’s included varies based on the residency location, but this may comprise in-country (that is, in the residency location) group transportation, group meals, lodging, and some cultural events. GW-mandated (required for study abroad under GW) health, safety, and emergency evacuation insurance is always included at $1/day, minimum $17.50. GSPM keeps none of this money. It goes directly to student expenses and often saves students out-of-pocket money, since group and bulk purchasing can often be achieved at a discount.


Separate from these two GSPM payment buckets are your own controllable travel expenses. This includes non-group meals, transportation to and from airports, airfare, and any necessary travel documents based on the location (passports, visas, etc.). You can choose to be as frugal or as extravagant as you wish. You can pursue additional federal student aid for airfare, visa fees, meals, transportation, and other out-of-pocket costs that aren’t charged by GSPM. Please contact GW’s Office of Student Financial Assistance to explore your options.

Total Cost

The total cost includes tuition and group expenses, and also depends on a few things, both inside and outside of your control:

• The location: Some countries are cheaper to visit than others.

• The year/time: Costs fluctuate based on economies.

• Your personal travel preferences: Extra leg room? Filet mignon?

Generally speaking, for a three-credit Global Perspective Residency:



GPR Group Expenses ($1,500-$2,000, location- and year/time-dependent)


$6,000-$7,000 charged to your GSPM Student Account. And, then you can choose and pay for your own non-group meals, transportation to and from airports, airfare, and any necessary travel documents based on the location (passports, visas, etc.).

Why so expensive? Two reasons:

1. Per-credit tuition is charged. Three- or six-credit tuition applies to each Global Perspective Residency.

2. Traveling is expensive. GSPM aims to help you out by collecting funds from you and booking your in-country group transportation, several group meals, and lodging at discounts based on our relationships with these vendors.

But GSPM doesn’t charge you anything over what it costs to have you take a three- or six-credit course at GW and pay for your group expenses abroad.

Cancellation Process

If you need to cancel your Global Perspective Residency course, please contact Program Coordinator Kay Martinez.