Sean Gagen


Sean Gagen is a principal at Grassroots   SG, LLC.  Gagen has worked as an organizer, campaign manager, advocacy strategist, recruiter, executive director, and adjunct professor since 1992.  He has developed nationally-recognized organizing techniques & programs that are built on teaching people to engage targeted groups of voters or decision makers with well-thought out and concise messaging.  Whether advocating for an issue,planning a campaign’s field or paid canvass program, or training activists/students for a future run for political office, a well-planned organizing program can be the difference between winning and losing.  

Gagen developed the original Campaign Camp and Camp Wellstone training programs.  Since Campaign Camp’s conception, he has overseen the training of nearly 18,000 aspiring political professionals, advocates, and campaign staffers in 35 states across the country. Gagen has won three Pollie Awards for his development of national cutting edge advocacy and campaign training programs. 

He is also a veteran organizer and continues to manage field campaigns.  Before starting a new company, focusing on organizing, planning, and on-the-ground engagement, Gagen spent 13 years at Grassroots Solutions developing a successful track record. He created national field plans and managed on the ground strategy for pivotal campaigns on behalf of clients such as the Human Rights Campaign, AFSCME, teachers, presidential candidates, and independent expenditure campaigns. 

His career started in 1992 as the Executive Director of Participation 2000, a progressive grassroots organization dedicated to empowering young people in politics.  The Honorary Co-Chairs of Participation 2000 were U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (NJ), former Governor of Ohio, Richard F. Celeste and former Governor of Texas, Ann Richards.  He also served as the Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party from 1997-1999 before joining the Bill Bradley for President Campaign in June of 1999.  He was the National Director of Organizing, managed the Ballot Access Teams, and served as Deputy Director at the Iowa Caucuses.  Gagen has worked on campaigns for state and federal offices across the country, including Russ Carnahan for Congress (2004-12), Bill Richardson for Governor (D-NM), and Judi Dutcher for Governor (D-MN).  

Classes Taught

PMGT 6430 Campaign Strategy