Register for Classes

Register Online with GWeb

All College of Professional Studies registrations are conducted via the GWeb Information System. This system will enroll you in classes and automatically generate your schedule and bill.

Available 7 days a week (except Holidays) 7:00am-10:00pm during registration dates.

Registration Assistants are available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:45pm at 202.994.9000 or 800.526.5641.

The following is required to register by GWeb:

Your nine-digit GW Identification Number (GWID) is necessary. If you did not have a GWID at the time of admission, GW assigned a nine-digit identification number. Assigned numbers are identified by a G in the first digit position. Use the capital G when registering by GWeb.

New students are assigned 6-digit PINS made up of their birth month, day and year (i.e.012278). This number, together with the nine-digit identification number, creates a unique combination designed to ensure private access to your file. It is extremely important that this number be kept confidential. You are strongly encouraged to change your PIN, which you may do by GWeb, by selecting six numbers you can easily remember. For assistance call Banner Security at (703) 726-4130.

New Students
Students who are currently admitted to or enrolled in degree programs are eligible to register automatically by using our registration system. If you cannot register, please contact the admissions office of the school to which you have applied.

New students who wish to take a course at GW without entering a degree program must apply as a non-degree student before attempting to register. Please follow the instructions "Degree vs. Non-Degree Registration".

Once admitted to GSPM, international applicants have additional admittance requirements.

GWeb Registration

  1. Access
  2. Select the GWeb Info System link. Enter your nine-digit student ID number and your six-digit PIN and click 'Login.'
  3. Navigate to the Current Semester Screen
    -At the main menu click on 'Student Records & Registration Menu,' then 'Registration Menu,' then 'Register, Drop and/or Add Classes.' You will be prompted for a term. Select the appropriate semester.
  4. Enter your Course Reference Numbers (CRNs)
    -Simply enter your desired Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) into the numbered boxes and click on 'Submit Changes.' You will immediately see if you have been successfully registered, or if there are any problems with your selections.
  5. Edit your Selections
    -You may add additional CRNs by entering them into the numbered boxes. You may drop courses by selecting 'Web Drop' in the 'Action' column next to the appropriate course. If any of your courses have a range of credit hours, you will automatically be registered for the lowest number of credits. If you wish to change the credits, return to the 'Registration Menu' and select 'Change Credit Hours.'
  6. Confirm your Registration
    -When you are finished, review your schedule for accuracy. You may wish to print your schedule by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the same page.

Additional Registration Information

Degree vs. Non-Degree Registration
To apply for admission as a new, non-degree student please complete the online application. A one-time $25 application fee, payable by credit card (MasterCard/Visa), is due at the time of online application. The fee is waived for those who enrolled in GW courses in the past and for current GW faculty and staff members using their tuition benefits. Note that it is not necessary for non-degree applicants to include references, test scores, and transcripts. You will be notified via email of your admission within two business days. At that time, you will be assigned a GW ID number. You must use the GW ID number to register for classes. 

Office of Non-Degree Students
2121 Eye Street NW
Rice Hall, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20052
202-994-1972 (tel)
202-994-0371 (fax)

* Some programs do not allow non-degree student registrations.

BEFORE registration begins, please log in to the GWEB Info System to check your account. Make certain to clear any holds on your account because they will prevent you from being able to register. A hold can only be cleared by the office which placed it on your record.

Departmental Approval
The following courses require approval, and you will not be able to register for them through the online system:

  • PMGT 6998/LGAF 6299.LH (Thesis I): You must receive approval from Dr. Michael Cornfield and then contact Suzanne Farrand, who will register you for the course. Please also review the Thesis Guidelines Memo.
  • PMGT 6999/LGAF 6300.LH (Thesis II): You must have already completed Thesis I in order to register for Thesis II.

If you have any questions about this registration information, please contact Suzanne Farrand, Director of Academic Administration.