Race and Politics: Sparking Change From the Classroom Into Policy

Students have long been at the forefront of the struggle for racial equality. Ideas that were conceived and debated in the classroom often spur popular action.  The challenge for every social movement is channeling the ideas that inspire demands for change into tangible policy. In this event, GSPM adjunct professor Quardricos Driskell and students Allison Lee and Tiffany Lowder discuss ways to translate classroom concepts into policy solutions that make a positive impact on our communities.


Rev. Quardricos Driskell - Government Relations and Political Affairs Manager, American Urological Association | GSPM Adjunct Professor

Allison Lee - Government Affairs Associate, Active Policy Solutions | GSPM Student, Class of 2020

Tiffany Lowder - Business Development Associate, U.S. Department of Labor | GSPM Student, Class of 2021