Patrick Bell

Adjunct Professor

Employer: Department of Public Administration, School of International and Public Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University

Title: Adjunct

Social Media Handles: @patrickbellphd (Twitter)

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Patrick Bell's professional experience and research has focused on the relationships that exist between politics and policy. Using innovative methodologies such as social network analysis, Dr. Bell specializes in the application of advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques to complex political and policy issues. Among the most enduring concerns of his work and research has been the evolving importance of data and technology in political and policy decision making. Dr. Bell has presented his research at national and international fora, has been invited to lecture at various universities and worked with governments from the local to the international level. Most recently Dr. Bell's efforts focus on the role of information diffusion and the effect of social media in conflicts such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.