Non-Degree Students

The GSPM welcomes non-degree seeking students into its courses on a space-available basis.

In the past, students have taken GSPM courses as single course enrollments for one of two reasons:

  1. Some students are specifically interested in the topic of the course and are seeking to improve their professional skills.
  2. Other students use single course enrollments as a way of sampling the GSPM curriculum before formally applying to the program. In this case, we encourage students to start off with core courses. Up to three graduate level courses can be transferred into the degree program under this option.

Non-Degree Registration Instructions

To apply for admission as a non-degree student, please refer to the Office of University Students for further information and to access the online application form. This form takes about 10 minutes and simply collects your contact information, education level up to this point, and program of study in which you are interested. A one-time $25 application fee must be paid online by credit card to complete the application process.

Once you have submitted the form and received a GWID number, contact Suzanne Farrand to register for any courses. She'll need your name, GWID, and course requests. Non-degree students may NOT use the online registration system to sign up for courses. Please refer to the Registrar's website to find out when non-degree students are eligible to register each semester.

Remember that all non-degree students are bound by the academic and financial policies outlined in the University Bulletin. Please familiarize yourself with these policies prior to any registration.

Transferring in Non-degree Credits

There is a limit to how many credit hours can be transferred into our graduate programs. Relevance of previous courses taken is decided on a case-by-case basis by the program director.

Master's Programs: Maximum of 9 credit hours are transferable
Certificate Programs: Maximum of 6 credit hours are transferable