Message for the Moment: Advancing Social Justice Through Politics and Communications

The struggle for racial equality doesn't just play out on the streets of America's cities or in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Social justice advocates must also win the hearts and minds of Americans. The most effective way to do so is by crafting a powerful message and communicating it effectively. Our panel of GSPM professionals in the fields of strategic communications and government relations explores strategies that can be applied towards the aim of achieving justice for all Americans.


Dr. Sheila Brooks - President & CEO, SRB Communications | GSPM Adjunct Professor

Rev. Quardricos Driskell - Legislative & Political Affairs Manager, American Urological Association | GSPM Adjunct Professor

Adriane Brown - Vice President of Strategy & Key Initiatives, ViacomCBS | GSPM Alumna

Adrienne Marks - U.S. Government Engagement, Visa | GSPM Alumna