Mark Fedeli

Mark Fedeli

Mark Fedeli is an innovator and communicator with nearly two decades of professional experience for large and small organizations in technology, national security, and finance. 

Since 2011, Fedeli has served as a strategy consultant and trusted advisor to national security leaders about future weapons programs, insider threats, and the digital workforce.  He is a passionate advocate and practitioner of inclusive decision making processes that bring diverse personalities, data, and interests together to drive strategic insights and innovative outcomes. 

He developed the baseline analytic framework for the Navy’s estimated $1 trillion investment decision to replace the F-18 Super Hornet aircraft program.  This framework combines qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate concepts presented by industry firms.  He also developed a risk communication approach to analyze insider risks and other cyber threats related to the Defense industrial base.  This incorporates open source intelligence to illuminate opportunities to use innovative new technology components beyond its traditional supplier base. 

Fedeli began his career in early-stage venture capital, growing technology startups, establishing a broad influence network, and refining a diverse skill set including strategic communications, business development, and risk analysis.  

At Milestone Equity Partners, a national network of startup incubators for high-technology firms seeking venture capital, Fedeli worked with investors, technologists, and business executives to design and implement the Milestone Program, which grew a portfolio of 40+ companies including Plaxo, whose founder, Sean Parker, went on to become Facebook’s first President), and Limelight Networks (Nasdaq:LLNW), one of the largest content delivery networks on the Internet.  Most of those companies failed, providing rich raw material for Mark’s current work as a consultant.

He is also an award-winning writer, under contract with Blooming Twig Books to publish The Turning Point, a book on the political and cultural implications of the rise of the Millennial generation as America’s first Internet natives.  It also examines America’s long-term risks and opportunities in the age of global Internet adoption.

In 2004, Fedeli received his MA in Communication from Barry University in Miami, FL.  He received his BA in Politics from the Catholic University of America in 1997.