Mr. Mark Braden

Faculty: Adjunct


Mark Braden concentrates his work principally on election law and governmental affairs. This field includes work on Voting Rights Act issues, ballot access, political broadcast regulation, contests, recounts, initiatives, referendums and redistricting. Each is an area in which he has substantial knowledge and unusual experience.

Mr. Braden spent ten years as Chief Counsel to the Republican National Committee prior to joining Baker & Hostetler. He has worked intimately with many elected officials, the major national political consultants, and pollsters providing successful and often highly innovative legal guidance.

This 2000 cycle was the fourth redistricting cycle in which he has participated. In late 1977, while working with the Ohio Secretary of State, with a magic marker and an adding machine, he drafted a congressional district plan for the State in response to federal litigation. He has played a large variety of roles in the redistricting process, crisscrossing the country from California to New York, Mississippi to Massachusetts, Connecticut to Wyoming, Florida to New Jersey. His experience ranges from legislative advice, numerous Voting Rights Act/redistricting trials, to Supreme Court briefs and arguments. In three separate decades, he has been invited to speak at meetings of the National Conference of State Legislatures on redistricting and the Voting Rights Act.

In addition to his experience in the area of federal election law, Mr. Braden is nationally recognized as an authority on state election laws, having served as Chief Counsel to the Ohio Elections Commission and Election Counsel for the Secretary of State in Ohio. He was a principal lawyer in many of the largest recounts in our political history.

Mr. Braden has testified before congressional committees and the Federal Election Commission on numerous occasions. He spent significant time this year working for the House Leadership on the successful renewal of the Voting Rights Act. His experience in these areas has been recognized by numerous invitations to be guest lecturer at universities and institutes across the nation.

Mr. Braden is a member of the adjunct faculty of George Washington University and is special election law counsel to the United States House of Representatives Administration Committee.


J.D., Washington and Lee University

Classes Taught

Law of the Political Process