Global Center for Political Engagement

GSPM is a respected global resource for advocacy, campaign, democratization, governance and leadership training with over a decade of experience throughout Latin America and Europe.  GSPM, through its Global Center for Political Engagement, is focused not only on helping democracies to mature, but also organizations to understand how to effectively engage in Washington, D.C., and in global capitals beyond, such as Brussels, Beijing and Brasilia.  What makes GSPM offerings so distinctive and adaptable is our well-honed expertise of matching seasoned professors with just the right adjunct to meet the needs of any client. The same unique access to a wide array of political and communications adjunct instructors that makes our master’s programs first in their class also makes our executive education offerings stand out. Our wide variety of open enrollment and custom professional education opportunities include:

Campaign Seminars

GSPM faculty have extensive expertise conducting seminars on how to run and win political campaigns. These seminars are offered in countries around the world, often in partnership with leading universities like Tec Monterrey in Mexico or the American University in Cairo. GSPM’s Center for Second Service offers campaign training specifically for military veterans seeking to enter public life.

International Advocacy Seminars

Much of the growth in the decades ahead will come from emerging markets. The key to succeeding in these fast-growing economies often comes down to understanding how to navigate the nuances of the political terrain. GSPM assembles just the right mix of experts to deliver the customized training you need to succeed in international markets. In a recent seminar, instructors included a market entry consulting executive from Asia, a European executive from the World Trade Organization and a former U.S. Ambassador to the African Union.

Latin American Political Management and Governance Program

Sponsored by the Corporación Andina de Formento (Andean Development Bank), the Latin American Political Management and Governance Program is unique in its efforts to establish a balance between social, economic and political development in countries undergoing transformation. The program has educated more than 7,500 leaders from across the political spectrum and from almost every Latin American country. The classroom courses are conducted in cooperation with prestigious universities including the Universidad de San Andrés and Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina; Universidad Autónoma de México; Pontifi cia Universidad Católica del Perú; Universidad Católica Santiago del Perú; Universidad Autónoma de Panama; and Universidad Católica Andrés Bello of Venezuela.

Politics Boot Camps

Designed specifically for those with policy-focused training and expertise who seek to understand how they can get their policy priorities enacted. This seminar focuses on the essential political skills necessary to move beyond the political hurdles to make policy initiatives a reality.

Washington Roadmap Seminars

Participants learn how politics, the media and activist/social organizations shape policies of the U.S. government. They gain an understanding of all the factors beyond the formal governmental process that impact if, how, and when Congress or the Administration acts. Washington Roadmap can be customized to focus on the 30,000-feet big picture or very specific policy areas and can be offered in tandem with other leading universities around the world.

Washington, D.C.-based Spanish Language Seminars

These annual seminars are focused on specific areas of political management:

  • The Electoral Campaigning seminar allows attendees to study the tools of a successful campaign, the formulation of strategies, the creation of effective messages, the techniques of direct contact and the mobilization of volunteers.

  • The Political Management seminar brings global experts to GW to demonstrate real-world scenarios of their successes in governments and governmental agencies.

  • The Political Communication and Marketing seminar explores the actions of governmental administrations around the world.

Women in Politics Leadership Seminars

Women face unique challenges in overcoming barriers to elected or appointed service. These seminars provide political and leadership training customized specifically to the hurdles women face when seeking to engage in a specific region or country.

Customized Campaign and Governance Training and Seminars

Find out how GSPM can work with you to design and deliver a targeted program for your organization by contacting Professor Christopher Arterton (call 202-994-5843 or email