Discover the Graduate School of Political Management

An Innovative Curriculum for Real-World Results

The Graduate School of Political Management is the first and foremost school of applied politics, legislative affairs, strategic public relations, and global advocacy; we leave the theory to others and show you how to win in the real world.  Founded in 1987 and located in the heart of Washington, DC, we offer master’s degrees in the following disciplines: Legislative Affairs, Political Management, Strategic Public Relations, and Comunicación Política y Gobernanza Estratégica.  All of our programs focus on moving beyond “theory” to a practical curriculum anchored in reality.


Professors That Are Industry Leaders

Our faculty are more than professors—they are recognized political leaders, business and non-profit executives, public affairs experts, international campaign consultants, and leading academics—they bring the best practices of the field into the classroom.


An Elite Global Network

Since our inception, we have been the leader in defining and shaping the political and communications professionals who, in turn, shape society.  Our students regularly connect with leaders in advocacy, communications, and politics inside and outside of the classroom. The GSPM alumni network permeates the upper echelons of elected politics, public affairs, NGOs, issue advocates, and trade associations around the world.

Studying at the Graduate School of Management will broaden your mind and enhance your vision to help you successfully confront society’s most pressing challenges.