Blue Wave?: Taking the Partisan Pulse in 2020

Election Day is only a few months away and the political experts at GSPM present a data driven analysis of the race from the beginning of the year to the present day, along with a projection of how the election might turn out in November.

Our expert academic panel will analyze the results of the most recent GW Politics Poll, with particular attention paid to how Democratic voters view the political landscape and feel about the candidates on the ballot. The panel will also unveil the newest iteration of PEORIA Project election projection model, which takes into account social media activity along with statistical analysis about the current state of the election to make an informed predicition about the election results.


Dr. Lara Brown - GSPM Director

Dr. Todd Belt - GSPM Political Management Program Director

Dr. Casey Burgat - GSPM Legislative Affairs Program Director

Dr. Michael Cornfield - GSPM Professor and Research Director