Angela Struebing

Angela Struebing
Adjunct Professor

Angela Struebing is a direct marketing executive with 20 years of fundraising experience. She has created, designed and executed hundreds of fundraising campaigns for non-profit and political clients. By leveraging predictive analytics, she drives results through data-driven decisions joined with creative strategies for member and donor acquisition. 

She is a consistent contributor to the thought leadership of the direct marketing industry. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and is recognized for her strategic expertise and her no-nonsense, analytics-based approach to client initiatives. Her writing can be found in numerous publications including Non-Profit Pro, DMAW Advents and the Huffington Post.

Angela was most recently the president of CDR Fundraising Group, a multi-channel agency focused on helping nonprofits optimize their online, direct mail, telemarketing and DRTV fundraising results. She is now consulting on her own.

Angela holds a MA in political management from the Graduate School of Political Management and a BA from Case Western Reserve University.



M.A., The George Washington University

B.A., Case Western Reserve University

Classes Taught

Fundraising and Budgeting