Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle: Exploring Executive Powers - Should They Expand or Contract?

The Graduate School of Political Management presents a new lecture series: Agree or Disagree - Conversations Across the Aisle. The series brings together speakers from both parties to discuss important issues in American politics. The four-part series kicks off on January 26, 2021, with an important conversation on the extent of presidential power. Over the past several decades, Congress has steadily surrendered more power to the executive branch, allowing the president to exert enormous influence in policymaking and sometimes rule by decree. Former U.S. Representatives and current GSPM Fellows Ryan Costello and Loretta Sanchez join GSPM Fellow and adjunct professor Reid Wilson for a virtual conversation focusing on the factors that led to this significant transfer of power and if Congress should attempt to wrest some of that power back.


Ryan Costello - Former U.S. Representative (R-Penn.) | GSPM Fellow

Loretta Sanchez - Former U.S. Representative (D-Calif.) | GSPM Fellow

Reid Wilson - National Correspondent, The Hill | GSPM Fellow and Adjunct Professor